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Environmental Policy

Regency Media is committed to the protection of the environment in the course of providing high quality manufacturing, fulfilment and retail services. Through the commitment and involvement of all staff, Regency Media maintains an environmental management system appropriate to the environmental impacts of its activities, products and services.

Actions and Practices

In order to achieve its environmental objectives, Regency Media is committed to the following actions and practices:

  • Maintain an Environment Management System to ensure as a minimum that all operations are managed in accordance with Federal and State legislative requirements, local by-laws and formal Government policies, and to demonstrate due diligence.
  • Take into account environmental considerations in investment and corporate strategies and in the purchase of goods and services.
  • All staff and contractors will be made aware of the environment policy and an appropriate level of training will be provided. The policy is publicly available.
  • Regency Media will adopt a self-regulatory approach, incorporating in-house and external independent environmental reviews to identify, evaluate, manage and report environmental risks and environmental programs.
  • Practical and cost effective initiatives will be pursued to minimize adverse environmental effects.


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