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CD and DVD Inserts

By including a CD, DVD or USB in a manual or handbook you not only save on cost and paper, you are also engaging your audience more effectively as they learn from an interactive platform! More and more publishers are embracing digital learning as a means to connect with their audience.

Many of our education publishing clients use CDs, DVDs and promotional USBs for software, course guides, course manuals, show reels, digital libraries, encyclopaedias and eLearning. Digital media can work in perfect combination with printed student handbooks or text books, by affixing a branded CD or DVD in an adhesive PVC sleeve to the inside book cover.

At Regency Media we understand the challenges educational publishers face in the modern market, which is why we are the trusted manufacturer of educational CDs, DVDs and promotional USBs for an impressive list of primary, secondary and tertiary education publishers.

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