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FAQ’s – DVD Authoring and Audio Mastering

What is Authoring?
Authoring is the editing of DVD or Blu Ray content. This includes adding menu titles, deleting or editing scenes, adding branding to the content, adding or editing menu backgrounds, DVD encryption and more. To read more about this service head to DVD Authoring Services.

I need menu titles created in my DVD, can you do this?
Regency Media can provide DVD authoring including adding menu titles to a DVD. To read more about this service head to DVD Authoring Services.

What is mastering?
Mastering is the process of editing and compiling the final mixes of your audio recording to a production master for replication.
Put simply, mastering ensures that tracks are ‘normalised’ or have consistent levels throughout the master.

I have 2 CDs I need to be made into 1 for Replication, can you combine the content?
We can combine two CDs to create one master. This service incurs a charge. A master copy will be forwarded to you for approval prior to the commencement of production.

I want to create an auto-run CD, can you add this function?

We can set this up for you, simply contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

What is NTSC and PAL?

NTSC and PAL are the two most common video standards. NTSC is suitable for North America and much of South America while PAL is the video standard for Australia and many countries outside the USA. For more information on using the correct video standard, please contact one of our sales representatives.


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