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FAQ’s – Packaging

The packaging I want is not on your website, do you custom-make packaging?
Yes, we can create custom packaging of all types and have many examples of creative approaches to package design. Simply send us theĀ  specifications and artwork and we will provide a tailored quote.

What are your cheapest packaging options?
For CD audio packages intended for retail sale, a standard jewel case with a booklet and inlay is a popular choice for cost effectiveness. We can source the most economical option for any type of project with manufacturing onshore and offshore to cater to all budgets and quantities.

Do you do special finishes on printed paper parts?
Yes, we can provide paper parts with a machine varnish, matte finish, gloss or UV gloss, as well as a range of custom finishing solutions. Discuss your ideas with your sales representative to find out exactly what we can offer to ensure your project is completed exactly as you envisaged it.

Do you have environmentally friendly packaging?
Yes, we can provide printing on recycled paper stock. We also have the capacity to use environmentally friendly inks. Please contact your sales representative for a customised quote.


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