With end of year fast approaching, now is the perfect time to beat the Christmas rush and buy early.
The below box sets are great Regency manufacturing examples and excellent present ideas for the whole family, available from Shock Entertainment and ScreenPop

Air Crash DVD packaged Box Set
Expert testimony. Official reports. Eyewitness accounts. Every Air Crash Investigation has to get it right to keep your skies safe.

Air Crash Investigation recreates the greatest air disasters of the history, and explains exactly what happened. To recreate the disasters, they use dramatic re-enactments of the cockpit, and basically, everything “inside the plane”. It’s also use an excellent quality 3D animation that recreates everything that happens “outside” the airplane.

Expert pilots and engineers explain what happened: the mistakes of the crew, the bad maintenance, etc…
This limited edition collection comes packaged in a ‘Black Box’

Jamie Oliver DVD Packaged box set


From the perfect roast to eating out, we’ve got the festive season wrapped up! .. and this limited edition collection comes packaged with a special Jamie Oliver bag.

Jamie Oliver is the person many home-cooks turn to for advice on how to prepare the most important meal of the year: Christmas dinner. So settle down and let Jamie get you in the mood for the best Christmas ever with this collection of his festive DVD’s packed full of tips for a stress-free Christmas.

Jamie’s Christmas (2005)
Jamie Cooks Christmas (2008)*
Jamie’s Family Christmas (2009)*
Jame’s Best Ever Christmas (2010)*

(* These titles are exclusive to this collection)

Man vs Food DVD Packed Season 1 and 2
Food fanatic Adam Richman sets out on mission to sample the USA’s best culinary treats.

Get ready to stuff yourself as host Adam Richman indulges his longtime passion for food with a culinary quest across the nation. For Adam, food is not just about taste; it’s a competition. The bigger, the spicier, the faster to eat…the better! Whether he’s devouring the Sasquatch Burger in Memphis, Atomic Hot Wings in Pittsburgh or a 13-pound pizza in Atlanta, Adam digs in with zeal, becoming our epicurean guide to gastronomic adventure and performer of foodie feats.