Regency Media are proud to be involved with the latest efforts of The Thin Green Line Foundation – an organization providing vital support to those Rangers on the frontline of conservation. Over 1,000 Park Rangers have lost their lives across the globe in the last 10 years. The Thin Green Line Foundation along with partners such as the International Ranger Federation are the only organisations dedicated to “protecting these protectors”.
Ambassadors for the cause include the late Bryce Courtenay, Dr. Jane Goodall, Professor Tim Flannery and Gotye.
This Friday 7th December sees the launch of the charity CD proudly manufactured by Regency – Green Line Groove’s. This includes tracks from people such as Tex Perkins, Gotye, Clare Bowditch and Mia Dyson.
Details can be found here and it will be held at The Retreat Hotel, Brunswick with special guests playing from 6:30pm.
Come on down to say hi and share in what is sure to be a great night!!!

Regency Media produce The Thin Green Line

Poster for The Thin Green Line CD Launch

Thin Green Line and Regency Media