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What is Blu Ray?

Blu Ray is the next generation of optical disc, allowing for an incredible advance in optical media capacity and quality, along with the potential to take HD video to new heights. Blu Ray replication is fast taking off in Australia, and it’s not hard to see why with a “single layer” disc fitting up to 25GB of data and a “dual layer” disc fitting up to 50GB.

This is made possible through the use of a blue laser, rather than a red laser, to read the pits and grooves imprinted on the Blu Ray disc. This blue laser reads at a shorter wavelength which allows it to focus on smaller pits, allowing content creators to fit more pits (more content) on the same amount of space.

Why would I want Blu Ray instead of DVD?

Blu-Ray is the next step in optical media, offering a durable, portable and commercially viable medium for HD video and rich media content such as video games. If you are in the entertainment industry, and/or have large and complex content, then Blu Ray could be for you.

If your content is smaller and less complex, then we would still recommend you use DVD Replication.

Blu Ray Replication Process

Blu Ray replication begins with your master. Unlike DVD masters, your Blu Ray master must be supplied on a portable hard drive. This master is used to create a glass master (aluminium master disc). From here the process is similar to DVD Replication, wherein the glass master is used to “stamp” information into hot polycarbon to create readable substrates. A single layer Blu Ray disc holds 25GB of information and a dual layer (2 polycarbon substrates joined together) can hold 50GB of data.

I want to use Blu Ray, but how do I author a Blu Ray disc?

If you don’t know how to author a Blu Ray disc we don’t suggest trying to wing it. Unlike DVD Authoring, Blu Ray discs are incredibly complex and make for a rather expensive mistake if authored incorrectly. If you are unsure of how to author your disc but still want to take advantage of the quality Blu Ray offers, just let us know, and we will assign you an authoring technician to get your job rolling.

Blu Ray Artwork

Please Click Here to gain access to our Blu Ray artwork templates.

Blu Ray Manufacture

With a history of remaining at the forefront of optical media manufacture in Australia, it is no surprise Regency Media quickly added Blu Ray replication and mastering to its DVD Replication and CD Replication lines.  Having already manufactured large Blu Ray runs in conjunction with our offshore manufacturers, Regency Media is pleased to also offer this service locally from its Northmead facility. Customers can now choose an independent, Australian owned manufacturing option for Blu Ray.


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