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Commercial CD and DVD Duplication

CD and DVD Duplication is the optimal choice for low volume, fast turnaround projects. Using commercial grade CD-Rs and DVD-Rs we provide industry best, quality printed discs for those last minute and low volume jobs.

Our state-of-the-art duplication towers can duplicate CDs, DVDs and Dual-Layer DVDs (8GB). We can also print low volume paper parts such as standard CD inserts and DVD slicks and specialist Gatefold Wallets and Digi-Tray Packs.

What’s the difference between Duplication and Replication?

Duplication and Replication are often mistaken for one another, so let’s break it down:

  • Duplication is the process of making copies (also known as CD and DVD burning) from a “master” disc. Duplication means using  pre-purchased CD-R and DVD-R discs and copying content via commercial duplication towers.
  • CD Replication and DVD Replication is the process of moulding discs from scratch. The replication process uses an original master disc to create a glass master (actually made out of aluminium), which is then used to literally “stamp” content into hot polycarbon. Replication results in high quality CDs and DVDs that can be sold via retail stores. If this is what you require please click here to check out our page on replication.

Decided on Duplication?

If you’re ready to go with a new project for DVD or CD duplication and would like to find out more, please call us on 1800 191 162 or 1300 229 158,  Make an Enquiry or Get a Quote.


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