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The Benefits of CD and DVD Replication

CD and DVD Replication have been the number one products in the media industry for some time now, and there’s a reason why. Durable, reliable and versatile, replicated CDs and DVDs can hold a variety of content, such as audio, video, games, interactive education, text and PDFs and much more.

As the entertainment industry standard and an exceptionally useful tool for corporate and government agencies, CDs and DVDs are still the most popular format upon which to distribute content.

Isn’t Replication just another name for Duplication?

The replication process is very different from the duplication product, and involves actually “pressing” your content into hot polycarbon before placing it between 2 protective layers (substrates). This is the key point of difference between replication and duplication, where pre-made recordable discs are “burnt” with your content. The end result of replication is a higher quality, more reliable product.

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