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CD Replication

Replicated CDs are commercially manufactured CDs. Generally starting at a minimum run of 500 copies, CD Replication is the process of “moulding” CDs from scratch with content “pressed” into them. These CDs are retail grade quality, and can therefore be sold and distributed via retail stores and online.

Replicated CDs are more robust than duplicated CDs, with protection provided to content via polycarbon substrates, vinyl and ink. CD Replication is also incredibly cost-effective, and becomes cheaper per unit as the volume increases.

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CD Replication Process

Much like CD Duplication the replication process begins with a CD master. However, instead of simply making copies of this master, our mastering technicians test the integrity of the disc, and then make a “glass master” (metal disc with digital data converted to dots and grooves on the surface). This glass master is then inserted into a replicating machine, which “stamps” the surface impressions of the data into heated polycarbon, moulding the content into the plastic. This plastic mould is then covered with a thin layer of aluminium, creating the reflective surface for a CD player laser to read from. Following this the disc is coated in a layer of lacquer and then either screen printed or offset printed with custom artwork.

The finished CDs are then assembled and packed into CD cases along with any CD paper parts and then delivered.

The standard turnaround for the replication process is 8-10 working days. With a longer turnaround (35 days or more) large volumes may be manufactured offshore at amazing prices with the Regency Media quality guarantee.

CD Replication Artwork

Our replicated CDs are printed using commercial offset printers (CMYK) or commercial screen printers. All CD Replication artwork must be provided as CMYK or Pantone (screen print), at a resolution of 300dpi. We prefer print ready PDF files.

For more information on Offset and Pantone colours and specific CD disc printing requirements, head to our Artwork Guidance Notes.

To download our CD Replication disc template please click here.

For paper parts templates such as CD booklets and inlays, please see our templates page.

CD Replication Quote

If you require CD Replication and would like to find out more, please call us on 1800 191 162 or 1300 229 158 or  simply fill in the form here and one of our Representatives will be in touch shortly.


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