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Authoring your Blu Ray and DVD Master

Correctly authoring your master disc is the most important part of your duplication or replication job. All of your duplicated or replicated discs will behave in exactly the same way as your master disc, so if there is a mistake on the master, the same mistake will appear on every disc.

For this reason, we recommend getting a professional to author your DVD, Blu Ray and CD-Rom/Enhanced CD. Our authoring technicians have years of experience authoring all types of media, and are always available to complete your authoring to the specifications of your brief, along with internal specifications for correctly configured media.

DVD Authoring

Authoring an interactive and stable DVD disc can be difficult if you are not familiar with the required software and settings. Our authoring technicians have been authoring DVDs since Australian manufacture of this medium commenced in 2000. Let us assist you in combining the different elements of your DVD and creating a structure and menu to suit your vision.

Blu Ray Authoring

Authoring a Blu Ray disc correctly is incredibly complex and requires knowledge of all Blu Ray authoring standards. If you do not have experience in authoring Blu Ray discs we do not recommend “giving it a go”. Blu Ray authoring must be completed by a professional. If you would like to discuss taking advantage of the Blu Ray experience please email us at enquiries@regencymedia.com.au.

CD-Rom/Enhanced CD

CD-Rom and Enhanced CDs are still a popular choice for distributing interactive or enhanced content.  Many people author their own CD-Rom or Enhanced CD but our authoring technicians are available to offer advice on any small issues encountered.

If you are not comfortable authoring  your own CD-Rom or Enhanced CD, or require something more such as a cross-platform compatible (PC & Mac) CD, or a commercially authored multi-session CD, our authoring technicians have years of experience in creating these mediums and can author your disc for you.

DIY Authoring

If you are comfortable authoring your own master and would like to know preferred formats, please download the relevant master specification form for your project.

For more information, please refer to the Blu Ray Master Submission Guidelines.

If you find your need help with DVD authoring, please feel free to call and ask our advice on small issues. We also recommend the VideoHelp website for useful tips and articles on DVD authoring.


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