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Online Fulfillment Services

Through our partner Online Fulfillment Australia (OFA), we are now able to offer our clients four brilliant fulfillment services:

  1. A shopping cart for your website plus OFA’s fulfillment services
  2. A custom-made online store page on your existing website plus the OFA’s fulfillment services
  3. A customised e-commerce store plus OFA’s fulfillment services
  4. The complete package including a store front, OFA’s fulfillment services plus marketing and publicity

Why Outsource Fulfillment Services?

The OFA online fulfillment and distribution services assist your company in:

  1. Warehousing less stock
  2. Reducing overheads by cutting internal costs
  3. Adding new stock to your online store quickly and easily
  4. Taking advantage of a high security service

For more information head to www.ofa.com.au

Regency Entertainment and Distribution Services

Following the establishment of Regency Entertainment Distribution Services (REDS) in Kings Park, Sydney, we are now able to offer a retail distribution service to our valued entertainment clients.

With the Kings Park facility currently performing all distribution duties for some of Australia’s largest entertainment powerhouses, we know the system works. This means that we can offer all customers a fully integrated supply chain, from manufacture, through to distribution and payment.

Visit the Regency Media Group site for more information on this service.


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