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To ensure replicated CDs or DVDs are retail ready, the following options should be considered, and may assist in increasing sales.

Point of Sales Boxes

Point of sales displays are a proven method for boosting sales. Many customers invest in custom point of sale boxes to house their products knowing this guarantees they are placed in the direct view of any potential purchasers.

Red Tag Cases

Red Tag cases help protect your CD or DVD from theft and are sometimes a requirement of particular retail outlets. Red Tag cases appear the same as a standard DVD case, with the added benefit of a red tag that locks the case so the disc cannot be removed from the case until purchase.

CSS Encryption

Protecting video material from illegal copying and distribution can be very difficult to implement and manage. CSS Encryption is a useful tool to safe guard intellectual property and acts as a deterrent in the misuse of content. You may want to consider using CSS Encryption for products intended for retail sale.

If you need assistance in implementing CSS Encryption or would like to discuss how you can protect your content, contact our DVD Authoring Department.


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